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2020 NFL Draft Thoughts With Alex Rollins

2020 NFL Draft Thoughts With Alex Rollins

With the 2020 NFL Draft season now behind us, many of you are looking for any type of draft content that you can get. As we do somewhat regularly, Pro Football Magazine had a chance to catch up with our friend Alex Rollins, who is the film analyst for SB Nation’s Niners Nation and posts all of his film breakdowns on his YouTube channel. We spoke to Rollins about his perspective on how the 2020 NFL Draft class will pan out.

1. Who has been your favorite player to watch at quarterback throughout the draft process?

Alex Rollins: Tua (Tagovailoa). I think this year will be fascinating, Tua is the most skilled quarterback we’ve seen in a few years, but his physical traits are middle of the road. Assuming he stays healthy, is skill at the QB position more important than elite talent? That’s what I’ll be looking for.

2. Who is the most likely to bust?

Alex Rollins: Justin Herbert. I was shocked studying Herbert and his ineptitude, he is the typical “big arm, tall frame, good athlete” QB who will go at the top of the first and never pan out.

3. Who will end up being this 2020 NFL Draft class’ biggest sleeper?

Alex Rollins: I don’t know if he qualifies as a sleeper, but Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire got knocked down draft boards for his combine performance, but you turn on his tape and he is eye popping. Joe Burrow called him the best player he’s ever played with. Between Ohio State and LSU, think of all the talent (Joe) Burrow has been surrounded by.

4. Who was your toughest evaluation at quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft?

Alex Rollins: Jordan Love. He has check-every-box perfect plays, where he scans the entire field, reads sight adjusted routes on time and throws with touch and accuracy. Then the next play, he’ll watch his primary read come wide open on a coverage he read perfectly just a second ago, and just sit there and stare.

5. What is the most important trait for a quarterback in your opinion?

Alex Rollins: I think one of the more underrated attributes of a quarterback is eye manipulation, because it requires many skills bundled into one. A QB who can use his eyes to manipulate the defense shows he understands the coverage, understands the depth and positioning of his own receivers, anticipation for where the created hole will be, and when he has to throw there.

6. Which player has the highest football IQ?

Alex Rollins: What immediately jumps to mind is a part of Joe Burrow’s game, and represents a stark contrast between he and Herbert. When Burrow sees linebackers/defensive backs turn towards receivers, he IMMEDIATELY takes off running. Like, instantly. Defenses either have to spy him and take a defender out of coverage or stop playing man coverage all together. That is a gigantic advantage for the offense. Herbert had this opportunity many times, and for whatever reason, never made the defense pay.
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