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Welcome to Pro Football Magazine

First of all, welcome and thanks for visiting Pro Football Magazine (PFM)!

Established in the Fall/Winter of 2019, Pro Football Magazine hopes to be your new home for your daily NFL and college football fix. We know and realize you have many different options when it comes to where you choose to get your football news and analysis from, but we’re hoping that you’ll consider making PFM that place.

Our news organization will focus on one thing and one thing only — football. With the landscape in general today, sometimes other sports news organizations lose focus on what they are best at — covering sports. We don’t want to lose that focus. That is not a jab at other sports media organizations by any means, that is just how focus has shifted these days. We want to deliver you your football news and analysis without any of the fluff.

Why choose us?

Well, first of all we will have the latest news in the NFL world around the clock 24/7. The NFL never sleeps and neither do we.

Second, our journalism will aim to give you the story that hasn’t been covered hundreds of times elsewhere. Yes, Patrick Mahomes might be out a few weeks with a dislocated kneecap, but are there more details to the story? If so, we’ll find them and share what we can.

And finally, we breath football and that includes college football and the NFL draft. We’ll bring you analysis you can’t find elsewhere and exclusive power rankings of teams and players with our proprietary models that have been developed over the past 8 months.

Who are we?

The site is founded by Max Luckan, an engineer by trade, but more of a writer and storyteller in practice. Max has been following the NFL since he was 5 years old and spent two years covering the NFL and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for CBS Sports Tampa and the National Football Post. This was before Max took a break from sports writing to focus on a job in a different branch.

There will be other contributors coming on board soon with years and years of sports writing experience, and we’ll announce those as they become official.

Lastly, feel free to engage at any time by following us on Twitter @ProFootball_Mag

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