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2020 NFL Draft Reflection With Ryan Roberts

2020 NFL Draft Reflection With Ryan Roberts

As Pro Football Magazine kicks off the scouting process for the 2021 NFL Draft (yes, we know it’s early), we decided to talk to some folks in the NFL Draft media world about the 2020 NFL Draft, in order to get their thoughts on the most recent draft class and how they went through the scouting process this year. In this edition, we talked to Ryan Roberts of NFL Draft Bible, a staple in the scouting community. As always, we thank Ryan for this time, so let’s get into the questions.

1. Who were your favorite evaluations at each position?

Ryan Roberts: QB: Jordan Love, RB: D’Andre Swift, WR: Jerry Jeudy, TE: Devin Asiasi, OT: Andrew Thomas, OG: Netane Muti, C: Luke Juriga, EDGE: Julian Okwara, DT: Justin Madubuike, LB: Willie Gay Jr., CB: Noah Igbinoghene, S: Alohi Gilman.

2. Who do you think is most likely to bust?

Ryan Roberts: My mind goes to the quarterback position quickly, but I’m going to go a little differently here. I have my worries about Javon Kinlaw. His tape is not nearly to the caliber people act like it is. He plays with a thin base at times and disappears for stretches. There’s something about him that makes me uneasy.

3. Who do you think is the biggest sleeper?

Ryan Roberts: I could probably give you a list of some guys I think were being a bit slept on leading up to the big day. Until recently, my answer would have been Willie Gay Jr., but the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine changed the tune a good bit. Due to an ankle injury that cost him the final part of his season, I’d say Bryce Hall hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves. He went into the season as almost the consensus top corner off the board. When healthy, he’s an excellent player.

4. Who was your toughest evaluation at quarterback?

Ryan Roberts: I’m actually a Jordan Love supporter, but it’s Jordan Love. You flip on the 2018 film and you are very solid with your first round evaluation. Then 2019 is a completely different story. The question is, how much do you blame him for that drop off? The amount of turn over on that roster for a non power five team was incredible. Love was going to be making up for some shortcomings even with stability returning. Then you have the coaching change too. That’s just a lot of change in one offseason. There was no stability to the situation. It’s tough to figure out how much you blame him for those external factors.

5. What is the most important trait for a quarterback?

Ryan Roberts: It’s a close call for physical traits between accuracy and ball placement, and ability to work through progressions-reads. I’ll go with accuracy though. It can make up for so many shortcomings … throwing players open, working to the right leverage. It can’t be understated how important ball placement is. Obviously there is a mental side as well. It’s seeing things post snap and adjusting on the fly post snap. You have to be quick and correct. The game moves fast and you have to be able to adjust accordingly to what you are seeing.

6. Which player has the highest football IQ?

Ryan Roberts: That’s tough to judge without doing a ton of the behind the scenes work, white board, film session, etc… It’s hard to not say Joe Burrow from the film he put out this year. He routinely deciphered coverages pre snap at a high level. That maintained post snap, rarely ever putting the ball into harm’s way. He had complete command of the offense to the highest degree.

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