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2020 NFL Draft Questions With Mark Schofield

2020 NFL Draft Questions With Mark Schofield

As you may well know, at Pro Football Magazine we occasionally talk to the smartest and brightest minds in the game of football. This time, we caught up with Mark Schofield, who is one of the best in the business when it comes to film analysis and breaking down prospects for the 2020 NFL Draft. We’re thrilled to dive into the interview with Mark, thank him for his time, and be sure to follow him on Twitter.

1.  Who were some of your favorite players to watch throughout this NFL Draft process?

Mark Schofield: Two players were a ton of fun for me to watch. Firstly, Oregon linebacker Troy Dye. I loved his ability to handle the pass coverage aspects of the game, as well as his willingness to play between the tackles. You can look out for something post-draft on him from me. Secondly, Temple center Matt Hennessy. His feel for combination blocks and awareness on the interior were very impressive.

2. Which player do you think is most likely to bust?

Mark Schofield: There are a number of ways you can look at this. Tua Tagovailoa might fit that bill, but because of injury and durability concerns. Quarterbacks get pushed up team’s draft boards all the time due to positional value, and if the hip does hold him back, a top five pick that barely sees the field will likely qualify as a bust.

Another name to watch might be Isaiah Simmons. I think the world of him as a football player, but his defensive coaches need to put him in the right spot. I’m not so sure that will happen.

3. Who is the biggest sleeper in this 2020 NFL Draft class?

Mark Schofield: A name to watch might be Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson. He is an experienced linebacker and moved up boards in the final few days and seems every bit the part of the modern NFL linebacker.

5. Who has been your toughest evaluation at quarterback for the 2020 NFL Draft?

Mark Schofield: Jordan Love. He has almost everything you want in a quarterback, but his decision making is a huge question mark.

6. What is the most important trait for a quarterback in your opinion?

Mark Schofield: Decision making. Daniel Jeremiah, who covers the draft for NFL Network, but has spent time in the league as a scout, shared on Twitter a few weeks back some old scouting notes from his time working under Bill Belichick. For Belichick, decision making was the most important trait to evaluate in a quarterback. Before arm strength, athleticism, or anything else. I’ll side with the guy with a boat named after all of his super bowl rings.

7. Which player has the highest football IQ in this 2020 NFL Draft?

Mark Schofield: That’s a tough one. Out of the quarterbacks I think (Joe) Burrow. He does all of the small things that matter so much at the position, such as moving defenders with his eyes, working through reads, and keeping care of the ball. I also think Antoine Winfield Jr. and Jaylon Johnson are very smart players, and their film study has lead to some huge plays throughout their careers.

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